Self Introduction

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My name is Yuki Kobayashi. I studied Computer Science and Software Engineering in University. I am interested in starting new business and my goal is changing common sense in the world.

What I can are...

  • Programing
  • Team management
  • System management
  • Sales
  • Products management


New Business Development

I launched dood in Media Technology Lab of Recruit Holdings. This is application to connect shop clerks and custmers, and they can talk about clothes in this application. I participated in NewRING as internship member and won the prize.
I joined panel discussions about EC and IT marketing of apparel companies.

Part-Time Job

I worked at Tomonokai corporation and I implemented and maintenanced internal back-office systems.
Applications I built are...

  • Web scraping application (to search a situations‐vacant advertisement of other companies)
  • Twitter bot (to retweet target tweet)
  • Business record application (with Ruby on rails) etc…

And other works are...

  • Regular system backup
  • Network configuration
  • Server management etc...


2 weeks US Workshop 2014 in Recruit Holdings

In this internship, I visited startup companies in US (IDEO, Javelin, App socially, and more...) and joined workshops to learn how to start business with methods of lean startup. In pitch contest of this internship, my team won first prize.
This is the report.

Developer Internship 2014 in Cookpad

I assigned infra team in Cookpad and I redesigned infra monitaring tool in 2 weeks.

Summer Internship 2013 in Kakakucom

This was first internship of Kakakucom. I tried to build new function in Tabelog service. In this internship, I learned how to implement and deploy new function in web service.


First prize of Junction Asia 2016

Junction Asia is a Hackathon of Slush Asia. We built sports training program with Pepper. In this program, users can do sports with Pepper. And while doing sports, Kinect detected form of users, and calculate different from correct form. Pepper gives feed back to users. I implemented the program of Pepper with Coregraphe.
We were five people team and built it in two days. And as prize of Junction Asia, I got chance of speech in Slush Asia.
This is the report of Junction Asia.




University of Keio, Department of Science and Engineering
2010 - 2013

Bachelor thesis

ZNP+: ID/Locator split protocol with anonymity

This resolves the privacy problems that a sniffer can specify communication nodes in ID/Locator split network. Communication nodes use temporary identifier instead of permanent identifier.
Publication: Technical report of IEICE



My blog


Other skills

  • Specialization: Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • Programing Language: Python, Java, C, ruby, html, css, javascript, MySQL